a stance against terrorism   |  A fundraising photography exhibition on 26/11 by prashant godbole

The world is fighting a new battle against terrorism every day. Whether it’s 9/11 or the Paris attacks, 26/11 or the recent Uri attacks, it is not the responsibility of the world leaders, diplomats, prime ministers, armies and police alone to fight this battle. We, as nations and global citizen, must take a firm stance against it too. Even if they aim bullets, grenades or the destructive nuclear weapons at us, we must stick to our resolve of a better world, of a world full of peace and love.

  While each of the attacks left a scar on the heart of every Indian, the worst among all was the 26/11 Mumbai attack of 2008. When 10 men associated with a terror group, carried out a series of 12 coordinated shooting and bombing attacks across Mumbai. The attacks, which drew widespread global condemnation, lasted for four days, killing 164 people and wounding at least 308.

  So, the point really is this. We may often get SHATTERED due to such attacks on humanity, but we have to show the world that our solidarity is NOT BROKEN. And it will never be.

  To convey this metaphorically, this year, two creative agencies of India, Scarecrow Communications and ideas@work hosted a one-of-its-kind FUNDRAISING photography exhibition #ShatteredNotBroken – A stance against terrorism.

The photographs were captured by ace photographer Prashant Godbole (Founder, ideas@work). And they were uniquely framed with glass shattered by bullets and shrapnel. The subjects of the exhibits were real people who were directly or indirectly affected by the 26/11 attacks. People like the owners of Leopold Cafe, the announcer at CST station, the lady who lost her family, the cop who caught Kasab and so on and so forth.

  The exhibition was held at the Scarecrow Art Gallery in Fort, Mumbai.

  ON THE EVE OF 26/11, AN EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW was hosted in select company of media, journalists, art buyers, corporate dignitaries and some industry stalwarts. In the beginning, all the exhibits were covered with a synopsis of the respective stories of survivors and eyewitnesses. All these exhibits were unveiled by some of the above mentioned dignitaries. While some were unveiled by the subjects themselves, like Kia Scherr (President, One Life Alliance) who lost her husband and daughter in the attacks, Bhaskar Kadam (Asst. Police Inspector, Crime Branch Mumbai) who caught Kasab alive and Dilip Mehta (MD of Pegasus Shipping) who spent 9 dark hours in a banquet of the Taj.

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Prashant Godbole

prashant godbole

An advertiser for the last 25 years, Prashant Godbole's passion for photography reflects in each of his pictures. With every image, he tries to tell a story that reflects his unique view on the world. His ability to create something surreal from the real makes his photos endearing. Prashant does not discriminate between street photography, still life, nature etc. His inspiration is to capture the purest of human emotions.

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Two creative agencies – Scarecrow Communications and ideas@work have come together for a cause, because sometimes, showing solidarity is more important than showing our differences, be it in the nation we live, or the industry we work in.

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The funds raised for this initiative through donations received and the sale of the exhibits will be forwarded to the families of the martyrs of the recent Uri attacks through Ketto.org, Asia’s most visited crowd-funding platform and our fundraising partner.

1.  If you are moved by this cause, you can DONATE as much as you wish without buying any of the exhibit frames.

2. If you wish to choose from the exhibits of the #ShatteredNotBroken exhibition, write to us at info@shatterednotbroken.in The exhibits are available on display from 26/11 of 2016. The price and delivery of the exhibits have been derived from 26/11 itself. Simply choose from the beautiful exhibits by browsing through this website and we will deliver them to your doorstep.

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